Your Privacy and the AccuWater™ Web Site

Information you provide to AccuWater™, Inc. is treated as proprietary data. We use this information to verify your identity and ensure that you qualify to use particular sections of the site. The information is stored in a secure environment and we do not share this data with other companies or organizations. The only data we collect and store during website use is typical webserver log data. Examples of this type of data are: your IP address, the site that referred you to us, any pages you visit, etc.

Once you logon, we will track activities related to the management of your irrigation system. Examples of this type of data are: changes made to plant type or water replacement ratio, authority delegation, etc.

Weather data collected from irrigation controllers connecting to the AccuWater™ Data Center is the property of AccuWater™, Inc.

While we do not sell or share e-mail addresses with other companies, AccuWater™ may occasionally notify you of a new product or service that we believe will be useful to you. If you would prefer not to receive information from us, please let us know by checking the "Do Not Contact Me" checkbox when you register. You can make this selection after registration by visiting your "Online Profile" page. If you do not 'opt out,' AccuWater™, Inc. and its representatives and affiliates may use the provided information to alert you to product upgrades, special offers, updated information, rebates, new services, and other information. Representatives and affiliates may include resellers and municipalities.

Website users may decide to send AccuWater™, Inc. personally identifying information via email. We will use this information for the purpose identified in the email message and to enhance our understanding of you in order to improve our services to you.

As we look for ways to improve the AccuWater™ web site, we will track the way visitors use it. The amount and type of information received depends on how you use our site. The information may be stored and used in order to enhance our relationship with you.

The AccuWater™, Inc. website may contain links to other sites. AccuWater™, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the content or the privacy policies and practices of such websites. AccuWater™, Inc. encourages you to read the privacy statements of these linked sites; their privacy practices may differ from ours.

If you have any questions or comments, regarding data privacy or any other issue, we encourage you to e-mail us. We appreciate your feedback.