The AccuWater™ Irrigation Controller has more automatic features than any other consumer product on the market. It doesn't stop there — as new features are developed, you'll have added control.

Product Features

ET-centric design with embedded digital weather station [more...]
Sixteen (16) zones (including master valve) [more...]
Compatible with Cable, DSL and Wi-Fi networks [more...]
Web-based configuration and management [more...]
Free irrigation system remote control application for mobile phones [more...]
Interchangeable with controllers from other manufacturers

Diagnostics and Maintenance

Flow metering for accurate distribution and problem detection [more...]
Automatic software upgrades [more...]
Remotely monitored 7X24 [more...]
Email alerts of detected problems [more...]


Stores configuration on AccuWater™ servers [more...]
Dynamically adapts schedule based on real-time weather conditions [more...]
Sends actual irrigation history to servers for use in subsequent scheduling calculations
Interleaves cycle & soak zones to minimize total schedule duration [more...]


Utilizes the latest ET algorithms [more...]
Schedules on ET deficit threshold (zone by zone) [more...]
Allows for specification of recurring "no watering" days [more...]
Supports use of localized "watering day" algorithms [more...]
Adjusts daily schedule based on NOAA/NWS forecast [more...]
Configurable daily start time(s) [more...]


Data stored on AccuWater™ servers [more...]
Data shared between nearby controllers [more...]
Real-time weather available on the controller or server web sites [more...]

Supported Sensors

Rainfall gauge
Temperature/Humidity (optional)
Barometric pressure (optional)
Wind speed/direction (optional)
Solar radiation (optional)
Flow meter (optional)


16 zones, expandable to 32 or 48 zones [more...]
Microprocessor-based design
Built-in web server [more...]
24VAC test post
Zone activity LEDs
Network activity LEDs
Diagnostic serial port
Wireless remote control
Meets FCC Class B Computing device requirements