With the AccuWater™ Irrigation Controller you can have the perfect lawn. You'll notice significant savings — in your pocket and in time. You won't need a background in hydrology to set up or manage the system and the environment will thank you.

The AccuWater™ Irrigation Controller saves you money with efficient water use based on locally specific information. Over-watering is eliminated because each zone of your property is monitored independently according to your customized profile. Wind waste is also eliminated - AccuWater™ stops watering until high winds subside.

AccuWater™ also saves time. After setup, the system automatically adjusts to weather changes. On out-of-town trips, or extended vacations watering is customized and automatic. Manual, labor-intensive adjustments are unnecessary. And constant monitoring of weather forecasts is unnecessary because AccuWater™ does it for you.

The controller also supports a flow meter to provide even more data for analysis and control.

Water Wise
With water conservation a necessity - and part of ever-stricter lawn-watering ordinances and restrictions - AccuWater's water savings will benefit all communities, large and small. Because of its efficiency, AccuWater™ also reduces water pollution from run-off and non-point sources such as parking lots and other paved areas.
Grass and plants are also healthier and hardier because they get just the amount of water they need.

Ease Of Use
As a web-based system, the AccuWater™ Irrigation Controller offers great flexibility. You can control and configure the settings in an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate user interface that is accessible anywhere there is a web browser. If any failures or malfunctions occur, an email alerts you of the problem so it can be fixed.

Weather Station

Customized Profile

Manual Irrigation

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