AccuWater™ Irrigation Controller

Intelligent irrigation controls accessible anywhere and at anytime.

If you already have an irrigation system, you can replace the existing controller with AccuWater™. New installations can also use the system. Installation includes connection to the Internet through your corporate network. A digital rain gauge is required at installation, and other weather instruments are available for more detailed local monitoring.

AccuWater™ Adjusts to Weather Changes

After installation, the administrator may access their account online to customize the system with type of grass, plant types, shade, slope, local water restrictions and other information. AccuWater™ blends this profile with National Weather Service local forecasts and recent local weather patterns. The remarkable AccuWater™ system also responds to local weather changes, for example rainfall and high winds, controlling watering accordingly.

Every minute, the controller communicates with the data center to exchange weather observations and to receive irrigation instructions. What makes the controller extraordinary is its ability to decide if the instructions given need to be altered because of real-time local weather. If the provided instructions need to be adjusted due to temperature, wind or rain, the controller makes the adjustments and the actual irrigation history is sent back to the data center for use in future calculations.

The plug and play controller is managed completely from the web browser and automatically receives software updates as they become available.